Get MyTribe©: Professional Tools for TribeNet Members

Imagine if you could have all the same marketing technology used for Fortune 500 companies,

BUT...applied to your Tribal Messiahship.

MyTribe© gives you access to the tools you need to accomplish your Heavenly Tribal Messiahship mission without the frustration of having to figure it out yourself. Training videos, personal guidance, personal CRM database (developing) and more.

But, why should you invest in MyTribe©?

Help pioneer a new tradition that we can share with our world-wide movement.

$21 per month

early adopter pricing

Designed for Tribal Messiahs in the field

After more than 3 years of working closely with you in the field, we've developed TribeNet, America's premiere network for Tribal Messiahs. Now, with MyTribe©, you can access your own personal dashboard to get the tools that will help you connect your friends, family and neighbors closer to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Easily access useful training and inspirational talks all in one place.

You will get exclusive access to the webinar recordings, tech training, testimonies, and conference talks. (with searchable notes!)

Immediately pay back your investment with MyTribe© savings.

Save up to 25% on mission critical items you are already buying such as Holy Wine, Blessing Scarves, and much more.

Don't go it alone anymore because we are here for you anytime.

Jump to the front of the line when it comes to getting TribeNet support. Katherine & Karlsun are here to help with anything you need for your mission.

Apply to test and develop the database project.

This will become a tool for you to save time and clear the clutter of managing, recording, and reporting your contacts.

(currently beta testing only)

Even more features are coming, including prewritten email series and DPDojo 2.0.

Please help us test new features and lock in your price before it goes up.

Just to prove you are not alone anymore...

You have a whole team working for you.

Demian Dunkley

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Director working with you to develop a fresh approach to ministry.

Karlsun Allen

TribeNet manager and technology expert committed to help you in your mission.

Noah Ross

Data consultant for Fortune 500 companies and project manager for developing our specialize database.

Josh Angelucci

Software developer for IBM, overseeing the MyTribe© database app development.

Gerry Servito

Divine Principle and Unification Thought educator, developing education for you and you guest can easily access online.

Katherine Anglin

Friendly on-call supporter who can help you with anything from technical to emotional.

Steve Jares

Marketing expert, developing emails continuity programs to help bring your guest to the next level.

Nancy Jubb

Marriage Course trainer and Communications Director, creating valuable relationship resources to offer your guests.

Michael Holmes

Marketing automation expert, creating ways to follow-up with guests that saves you time so you can focus on personal connections.

And actually many more team members

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